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EA never ceases to amaze us with their new technology they implement a year after year in their sports games, especially in their all time bestseller, FIFA.
This year's FIFA 22 is no exception, in fact, they elevated what was already good and stretched it to a whole new level. Giving the audience too little to criticize about the game, while maintaining their old good habits.

They also released their first patch notes (Pitch Notes) for FIFA 22, which I personally think will be the first step to taking your FIFA experience to the next level:

1- Reducing goalkeeper's effectiveness towards shots from 11.27 meters away at the very far corners (left or right).
they explained that this update is intentionally added so players wouldn't miss the feeling of scoring a what it seems to be impossible to react to goal, and getting this satisfying adrenaline rush.

2- They added new animations to goalkeepers reacting to high finesse shots in more accurate and realistic way to top up your game a notch.

3- They enhanced the division rivals progress UI (User Interface) so it would be more readable and easier to understand.

Eventually, they highlighted that the update was overall a boost in gaming experience for players as well as boosting the usability of the UI as well as fixing some minor issues with players receiving heavy touches during matches.

We think that it's well rounded 1st update, and a step towards the right direction especially after hearing the feedback they got from the player base.
Fifa 22Pitch notes

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