How will losing the license impact EA’s FIFA
For over 18 years, EA and FIFA have been working together to deliver the bestseller of all time, FIFA.

FIFA is the game we all grew playing and no matter which part of the world you live in, it most probably outsold any other video game.

FIFA is indeed the most selling franchise of all time, and EA managed to earn over 1 Billion dollar revenue from a single game mode within the game itself (Ultimate Team)

Lately we heard the news of them canceling a long lasting partnership, the question is, how would this impact EA's FIFA on the long run?

Before we answer this question, the deal between EA and FIFA was focusing around having a complete monopoly over the license. Which made the competition between EA and its competitors almost completely absent for over two decades. EA has been piggybacking off of FIFA's name, and FIFA has been profiting off of EA's hard work.

So back to our question, will losing the license impact EA's Football game? the answer is, most likely not. 

When EA first started back then with their first football game (soccer if you're north American) they needed something to market their game, to make them stand out of the crowd. That's probably not the case anymore. People choose EA's FIFA over any other football game because it's simply better. 

EA has put in the effort to polish their game and stand out and rise above any competition. However, with that said, the end of EA's monopoly over the license will surely raise the competition in the market, with more studios having accessibility to the current license, we surely will see some other franchises popping out of nowhere to try to compete against EA and, maybe, come out with something new that can captivate players' hearts.

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