5 Reasons Why FIFA 23 Will Be The Greatest FIFA Yet

The latest version of EA Sports' popular soccer video game franchise will feature improved graphics, gameplay, and online multiplayer modes.

Better AI

FIFA 23 will feature an improved artificial intelligence system that will make players smarter and better at controlling the ball. It will also allow users to take more control over how they play by giving them more options when passing and shooting.

More realistic player animations

EA Sports has been making improvements to its football games since FIFA 14, with each iteration getting better than the last. This year, the company is taking things one step further with FIFA 23, which will feature more realistic player movements and animations.

Improved gameplay

One of the biggest changes coming to FIFA 23 is the improved gameplay. Players will now move naturally when running, sprinting, or dashing, rather than just moving at a set speed. They also react realistically to contact, such as being able to slide into tackles or avoid them altogether.

A more intuitive user interface

Another big change coming to FIFA 23 is an overhauled user interface. It’s been redesigned with a cleaner look and feel, making it easier to navigate menus and find things. There’s also a new “My Team” feature, allowing players to keep track of their favorite teams and players.

And much more!

We’ve got five reasons why FIFA 23 will be the greatest FIFA yet.
1) New User Interface
2) My Team
3) Improved Matchday Experience
4) More Customization Options
5) New Game Modes