Alan Wake Remastered

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  • Age Rate:

    At Least 18 Years

  • Gameplay Hours:

    9 Hour(s)

  • Players:

    1 Player(s)

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تتحول عطلة الكاتب الأشهر Alan Wake الى رحلة من البحث عن زوجتة التي إختفت دون سابق إنذار. و تماثل أحداث إختفائها تلك المكتوبة في رواية رعب لا يتذكر أنه كتبها. عش واحدة من أمتع العاب الرعب، لعبة Alan Wake متوفرة الان للPS5.

The most known writer, Alan Wake, didn't know that his vacation was about to turn into an endless search for his wife, who disappeared mysteriously. As he ventures to find her, he figures that there's a similar pattern to one of his horror novels he doesn't remember writing. Will he ever get his wife back? Alan Wake, Available on PS5.

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