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Attack on Titan Used launch date Released on Thu, Sep 22, 16 Attack on Titan Used genre is Action Action game. Attack on Titan Used required age is 18 Suitable for 18+ Years. Attack on Titan Used gameplay time is 10 Approx. 10 Hours of Game Play. Attack on Titan Used players are 18 player 1 Player. is Attack on Titan Used requires internet? -For Online Multiplayer Only Play it offline, But Internet Connection Required for online gaming. does Attack on Titan Used requires a PS Plus subscription? -For Online Multiplayer PS Plus Subscription is needed for online multiplayer modes only, You still can play it offline in certain modes.
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تتابع Attack on Titan عن كثب قصة الموسم الأول للأنمي وتركز على مآثر الشخصيات الرئيسية المختلفة ، مما يضع اللاعب في وضع يسمح له باستعادة اللحظات الأكثر إثارة للصدمة والشجاعة والمتعة. تدور أحداث الفيلم حول قصة ثلاثة شباب نجوا من الدمار الذي لحق بمدينتهم المحاطة بأسوار من قبل جبابرة هائلين يأكلون البشر ، وفي النهاية انتقلوا للانضمام إلى فوج الكشافة من أجل حماية البشرية من هذا العدو المنتصر.

Attack on Titan closely follows the riveting story-line of the anime's first season and focuses on the exploits of various key characters, putting the player in a position to relive its most shocking, courageous and exhilarating moments. It revolves around the story of three young people who survive the destruction of their walled city district by enormous, man-eating Titans and eventually go on to join the Scout Regiment in order to protect humanity from this overpowering foe.

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