Detroit Become Human AR Detroit Become Human AR for PlayStation 4 Detroit Become Human AR for PlayStation 4

Detroit Become Human AR launch date Released on Mon, May 28, 18 Detroit Become Human AR genre is Adventure Adventure game. Detroit Become Human AR required age is 18 Suitable for 18+ Years. Detroit Become Human AR gameplay time is 12 Approx. 12 Hours of Game Play. Detroit Become Human AR players are 18 player 1 Player. is Detroit Become Human AR requires internet? -No You can play it offline, No internet required.
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ديترويت تشهد تقدم تكنولوجي في مجال الروبوت الذين يعانون من الاضهطاد و الظلم و تبدا رحلة ثورتهم ضد المجتمع البشري ، قصة ثلاثة شخصيات (كارا و كونر و ماركوس) من خلالهم سوف تعيش تجربة درامية و انسانية غير مسبوقة و ستكون جزء من الثورة التي سيقوم بها الروبوت في المدينة و ستعيش تجربة الهروب من الموت و ايضا ستكون مؤثر في كشف حقائق و جرائم قتل مهتم بها الروبوت

Detroit is witnessing technological advances in the field of robots who suffer from persecution and injustice and begin their journey of revolution against human society, the story of three characters (Kara, Conner and Marcus) through which they will live an unprecedented drama and human experience and will be part of the revolution that the robot will In the city, you will live the experience of escaping from death, and you will also be influential in revealing facts and murders that the robot is interested in

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