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Escape Dead Island

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Narapela is chock full of areas for you to explore, but you must make sure you have the correct tools to access them and weapons to survive. Make sure you take pictures and look for clues. Cliff is on Narapela to get a story, and piecing together the evidence is the way to make sense of it all, buy it now & enjoy .

Escape dead island هى لعبة 3rd person shooter و تتناول سيناريو zombies او الموتى الاحياء اللعبة بتقدم عالم جنونى بيحيط بشخصية البطل و اللى بتخليك طول الوقت تشك فى صحته العقلية و ده بيرسم غموض قوى  بيشدك تعرف ايه اللى بيحصل داخل جزيرة Dead island .

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