Gears of war 4 Gears of war 4 for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

Gears of war 4 launch date Released on Tue, Oct 11, 16 Gears of war 4 genre is Shooter Shooter game. Gears of war 4 required age is 18 Suitable for 18+ Years. Gears of war 4 gameplay time is 9 Approx. 9 Hours of Game Play. Gears of war 4 players are 18 player 1 Player. is Gears of war 4 requires internet? -Yes Internet Connection Always Required for This game. does Gears of war 4 requires a Xbox Live? -For Online Multiplayer Xbox Live Subscription is needed for online multiplayer modes only, You still can play it offline in certain modes. does Gears of war 4 will be added to game pass? -Yes, Available on Game Pass Not Available on Game Pass
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Gears of War 4 is a third-person shooter video game developed by The Coalition and published by Microsoft Studios for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One.

Gears of War 4 takes place 25 years after the Imulsion Countermeasure weapon destroyed all Imulsion on the planet Sera, taking the Locust and the Lambent with them as well. Unfortunately, this also knocked out the use of fossil fuels, forcing humanity to adapt new ways for survival. The countermeasure also brought the advent of "Windflares", powerful windstorms that form across the planet.Following the aftermath of the Lambent Epidemic, the reformed Coalition of Ordered Governments estimated that only hundreds of thousands of humans are left on Sera. To prevent the population from declining, walled-off cities were built to protect the citizens from the dangers outside. The COG also declared martial law, preventing any travel from outside of city walls. Some human survivors rejected the viewpoints of the COG and formed a group called the "Outsiders" that live outside of the COG jurisdiction, conducting raids on COG territory to gather resources.

The game focuses on the son of Marcus Fenix and Anya Stroud, J.D. Fenix (Liam McIntyre), who, alongside his friends Delmont "Del" Walker (Eugene Byrd) and Kait Diaz (Laura Bailey) deal with a new threat to humanity's survival. 

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