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Homefront: The Revolution :  is an open world first-person shooter video game developed by Dambuster Studios and published by Deep Silver

The player can scavenge for supplies to modify weapons and equipment. The KPA's weapons are all fingerprint-locked and as such they have a sizeable advantage over the resistance.The story takes place in an alternate history setting in which the digital revolution of the 1970s took place in North Korea's "Silicon River" (Ryesong River in our timeline) rather than the "Silicon Valley" of Northern California. In 1977, North Korea's communist government falls out of favor after a series of devastating floods and Kim Il-sung resigns from office and replaced with a more moderate Premier, Lee Dong-won.

قامت القوات الكورية الشمالية باحتلال ولاية فيلادلفيا الأمريكية ، وتفاجأ الشماليين بالمقاومة العنيفة من الثوار الأمريكيين لمحاربة المحتل ، وفقاً لرواية ناشر اللعبة

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