Kingdom Come: Deliverance Used Kingdom Come: Deliverance Used for PlayStation 4

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Used launch date Released on Mon, Feb 12, 18 Kingdom Come: Deliverance Used genre is Adventure Adventure game. Kingdom Come: Deliverance Used required age is 18 Suitable for 18+ Years. Kingdom Come: Deliverance Used gameplay time is More Than 40 Approx. More Than 40 Hours of Game Play. Kingdom Come: Deliverance Used players are 18 player 1 Player. is Kingdom Come: Deliverance Used requires internet? -Yes Internet Connection Always Required for This game. does Kingdom Come: Deliverance Used requires a PS Plus subscription? -No No PS Plus subscription is required to play this game online.
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عام 1403 ، المنطقة بوهيميا ، التي تقع في قلب أوروبا ، غنية بالثقافة والفضة والقلاع المترامية الأطراف. تعتمد اللعبة على قصة حقيقية ، وهي قصة الملوك والورثة والمملكة والحصار والقلاع والمعارك الدموية. لقد مات الملك وأصبح ابنه الأكبر وينسيسلاس الرابع هو ملك بوهيميا الجديد. ابدأ مغامرتك بصفتك المتواضع ، الذي نجا بمفرده من غضب جيش المرتزقة الذي دمر منزلك بلا رحمة وقتل عائلتك. عندما تنقلب حياتك رأسًا على عقب ، تؤدي اليمين للانتقام لعائلتك.

The year is 1403, the region Bohemia, located in the heart of Europe, rich in culture, silver and sprawling castles. The game is based on a true story a story of kings, heirs, a kingdom, castle sieges and bloody battles. The King is dead and his eldest son Wenceslas IV becomes the new King of Bohemia. Start your adventure as the humble , who alone has survived the wrath of the mercenary army that mercilessly destroyed your home and murdered your family. With your life turned upside down, you swear to avenge your family.

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