LEAP 2 in 1 Deformation Quadcopter / Motorcycle

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2 in 1 deformation quad-copter fold-able into a motorcycle and vice versa. Instructions manual with simple guide and step by step instructions are provided. But here’s a brief description of what the 2 in 1 does. You can check out: https://youtu.be/f4uEaQXcoyg Or read below; Air / Drone / Flying Mode: It’s self stabilized, so you don’t have to worry about calibrating it like other drones. 1 button take off and it’s fully controlled by your hand commands via the radio controlled watch. It’s a 2.4G non interference signal. The drone has front and rear lights and also green lights underneath the blades. It does flips, goes in the directions of left, right, forward, backwards, up and down with 360 degree rotation again all easily controlled from your hand actions via the watch. And once you’re done, it’s a simple 1 button landing. Motorcycle Mode Simply fold the bike, change the blades (provided) for land compatibility. Turn the bike on. Press the button on the watch 3 times, so it knows it’s in bike mode and again off you go. All with the guidance and simple instructions from your hand movements. In bike mode the bike again does many tricks from wheelies to drifts and you can even make it do jumps from ramps and will land safely as it has stabilizers. What’s included in box: 1 x deformation quad-copter / motorcycle 1 x battery 1 x charger for battery 1 x RC watch 1 x charger for RC watch 4 x propeller on quad-copter 4 x spare propellers 4 x durable land wheels 1 x mini screwdriver 2 x spare mini 

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