Logitech MK235 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

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      توفر لك مجموعة Logitech MK235 راحة و سلاسة في الأعمال المكتبية، حيث تأتي المجموعة بكيبورد Wireless تماماً حتى 10 أمتار. مزود ب15 زر اختصارات لتوفير الوقت. كذلك يأتي بماوس مناسب لليد اليسرى و اليمنى بتصميم انسيابي لراحة اليد و طلاء مانع للانزلاق. الكيبورد مقاوم للسوائل. و تكنولوجيا Logitech في الحفاظ على البطارية توفر 36 شهر من عمر البطارية للكيبورد و 12 شهر للماوس دون الحاجه لتغيير البطارية.

  • Full-size Keyboard: All the keys you need, with a full-sized keyboard layout, number pad and 15 shortcut keys; smooth, curved keys make for a comfortable, familiar typing experience.
  • Ambidextrous Mouse: The compact, portable optical mouse is comfortable for both left- and right-handed users, and can be taken anywhere your work takes you.
  • Plug and Play: The included USB receiver provides a reliable wireless connection up to 33 ft away (3); no need for pairing or software installation to use this keyboard and optical mouse combo
  • Extended Battery: Say goodbye to the hassle of charging cables and changing batteries and get up to 3 years of battery life for the keyboard and 1 year for the mouse (1) with MK235
  • Durability: The keyboard of the Logitech MK235 wireless keyboard and mouse combo features a spill-proof design (2), anti-fading treatment, and sturdy tilt legs.
  • Any Location, Any Occasion: This combo is a reliable and durable partner for your desk at home, or at work
  • Upgrade to Logitech MK540 Combo: For increased comfort try MK540 wireless keyboard and mouse combo, with scooped keys, a palm rest, a full-size mouse with soft rubber grips, and customizable shortcuts

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