Man of Medan Man of Medan for PlayStation 4

Man of Medan launch date Released on Fri, Aug 30, 19 Man of Medan genre is Adventure Adventure game. Man of Medan required age is 16 Suitable for 16+ Years. Man of Medan gameplay time is 6 Approx. 6 Hours of Game Play. Man of Medan players are 16 player 1 Player. is Man of Medan requires internet? -For Online Multiplayer Only Play it offline, But Internet Connection Required for online gaming. does Man of Medan requires a PS Plus subscription? -For Online Multiplayer PS Plus Subscription is needed for online multiplayer modes only, You still can play it offline in certain modes.
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كل اختيار له عواقب ، وجميع الشخصيات القابلة للعب يمكن أن تعيش ، ويمكن أن تموت ، قصة رعب خارقة في جنوب المحيط الهادئ. حيث يذهب خمسة أصدقاء في رحلة غوص في عطلة مع حطام الحرب العالمية الثانية للعثور عليها. مع تطور اليوم ودخول العاصفة ، سرعان ما تتحول رحلتهم إلى شيء أكثر شريرًا. من سيعيش؟ من سيموت؟ الأمر متروك لك. هل يمكنك انقاذهم ؟

IThe Dark Pictures Anthology - Man of Medan Players will be challenged to explore and uncover each story with the knowledge that all their choices have consequences, and all playable characters can live, any and all can die. Man of Medan is the first game in The Dark Pictures anthology, bringing supernatural horror to the South Pacific. Five friends set sail on a holiday diving trip with a rumored WWII wreck to find. As the day unfolds and a storm rolls in, their trip soon changes into something much more sinister. Who will live? Who will die? It's down to you. Can you save them all?

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