Nintendo Switch JOY-PAD Dobe Nintendo Switch JOY-PAD Dobe for Nintendo Switch

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1. Support bluetooth wireless connection with switch host platform, bluetooth 5.0 protocol.

2. The design has a turbo setting function, turbo rate can be changed, has a snapshot button, six-axis gravity sensing function.

3. With double vibrator vibration function.

4. Support NFC sensor.

5. Support the function of waking up the host and calling a key code.

6. Charging indicator.

7. Battery voltage: 3.5-4.2V, working current: 20mA 20mA when the motor is working, ≦120mA (the working current of the left and right handles is the same);

8. Press and hold the 3D button down on the handle first, wait for the indicator on the handle to light up until all the lights go out, then release your hand, then connect the USB to connect to the computer and click the upgrade tool to download the corresponding software to upgrade (left and right handle method is the same ); The upgrade cable can only use the black TYPE-C terminal, and the white TYPE-C terminal is only for

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