One Piece Burning blood One Piece Burning blood for PlayStation 4

One Piece Burning blood launch date Released on Wed, Jun 01, 16 One Piece Burning blood genre is Fighting Fighting game. One Piece Burning blood required age is 12 Suitable for 12+ Years. One Piece Burning blood gameplay time is 6 Approx. 6 Hours of Game Play. One Piece Burning blood players are 12 player 2 Player. is One Piece Burning blood requires internet? -For Online Multiplayer Only Play it offline, But Internet Connection Required for online gaming. does One Piece Burning blood requires a PS Plus subscription? -For Online Multiplayer PS Plus Subscription is needed for online multiplayer modes only, You still can play it offline in certain modes.
Sale price490 EGP


استخدام قدرات الفاكهة ، وتقنيات هاكي ، ومعاقبة المجموعات لتحويل المد في نهاية المطاف في معركة قطعة واحدة رويال! خطوة إلى العالم الجديد مع أكثر من رأس وجهاً لوجه القتال يضم كل الحركة والدراما والكوميديا من ملحمة القراصنة المفضلة في العالم!

Use Fruit abilities, Haki techniques, and punishing combos to turn the tide in the ultimate One Piece battle royale! Step into the New World with over the top head to head combat featuring all the action, drama and comedy of the world's favorite pirate saga

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