World War Z Used World War Z Used for PlayStation 4

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World War Z Used launch date Released on Tue, Apr 16, 19 World War Z Used genre is Action Action game. World War Z Used required age is 17 Suitable for 17+ Years. World War Z Used gameplay time is 13 Approx. 13 Hours of Game Play. World War Z Used players are 17 player 1 Player. is World War Z Used requires internet? -For Online Multiplayer Only Play it offline, But Internet Connection Required for online gaming. does World War Z Used requires a PS Plus subscription? -For Online Multiplayer PS Plus Subscription is needed for online multiplayer modes only, You still can play it offline in certain modes.
CD Condition: Medium
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الإنسانية على حافة الانقراض. من نيويورك إلى موسكو والقدس ، تستمر نهاية العالم في الانتشار. بينما تلوح النهاية في الأفق ، تتحد فرقة قليلة معًا لتهزم الحشد و تقضي علي الموتى. هي لعبة إطلاق نار من منظور شخص ثالث لما يصل إلى 4 لاعبين 

Humanity is on the brink of extinction. From New York to Moscow and Jerusalem, the undead apocalypse continues to spread. As the end looms, a hardened few band together to defeat the horde and outlive the dead. is a coop third-person shooter for up to 4 players 

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